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The Six-Pack

Are you ready to get buff or toned with your dreams and goals?

After six customized hour-long sessions, you will have:

*Everything from the Home Run Session and Three-Pointer Bundle


* An in-depth look at the factors behind the results. In addition to addressing your specific concerns, we’ll examine vital tools like priorities, time management, SMART goals and motivation.

The Three-Pointer

The three-session life coaching bundle means you’re serious about getting results. You’re committed to a process and confident about the direction you’re headed in! If you’re ready to go to the next level, this package is for you!

After three customized hour-long sessions, you will have:

* A detailed look at your skills and passions, as well as your fears and present limitations

*The knowledge of where to focus; what needs development; and what you can do before you get to your end goal. This ensures you don’t waste time!